The Lakes Free Range Egg Company Launches 'Laid with Love'.

Laid With Love free range eggsThe Lakes Free Range Egg Company, a family business in Cumbria, has joined forces with Cancer Research UK, to launch a new egg brand, 'Laid with Love'. The free-range eggs are available in Booths stores and go on sale from November 8th.

The distinctive pink pack with the 'Laid with Love' logo compliments the pink branding associated with Cancer Research UK and the iconic pink ribbon. The Lakes have committed to raise £100,000 to help the fight against breast cancer and 1p per pack of six eggs will be donated to Cancer Research.

Laid with Love eggs are extra tasty due to the special vegetarian diet that is fed to the hens on family run farms where they are also free to roam and forage in pasture, enriched with natural woodland. Hens are well cared for and each egg is uniquely numbered so consumers can trace the farm and learn more about it.

Biodiversity is at the heart of the Lakes Free Range Egg Co farming ethos and all farmers are committed to protecting the environment through the planting of natural broadleaved trees, hedges and the creation of wildlife areas.

David Brass of the Lakes Free Range Egg CompnayDavid Brass, founder of the Lakes Free Range co, said: “We’re extremely proud to be working with Cancer Research and the opportunities associated with the 'Laid with Love' brand. The brand offers consumers a unique proposition, an egg which not only combines great taste and nutrition but provides a means to help in the fight against cancer."

Claire Rowney, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Cancer UK, said  “We’re really excited about the 'Laid with Love', campaign that the Lakes Free Range Egg Company and Cancer Research UK will be running to promote awareness and support for Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a brilliant example of cause related marketing and is the beginnings of an exciting partnership!”

Sarah Burns Senior Marketing Manager, Booths said “The eggs tie in with our local sourcing policy, enabling us to supply customers with products from small, local family run farms with the highest ethical, welfare and environmental standards.”

Each egg carries a unique code and customers can trace the egg to an individual farm by visiting the Laid with Love website at

01928 511011